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Fighter Subclasses
Pugilist (Third-Party)
Druid Subclasses
Circle of the Land
Bard Subclasses
College of Lore
Sorcerer Subclasses
Draconic Bloodline
Ranger Subclasses
Cleric Subclasses
Life Domain
Paladin Subclasses
Oath of Devotion
Barbarian Subclasses
Path of the Berserker
Path of the Fell Pact (Third-Party)
Path of the Lodestar (Third-Party)
Wizard Subclasses
School of Evocation
Rogue Subclasses
Speedster (Third-Party)
Warlock Subclasses
The Fiend
Monk Subclasses
Way of the Arcane Fist (Third-Party)
Way of the Open Hand