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Norse Deities Portfolio Alignment
Aegir god of the sea and storms neutral evil
Balder god of beauty and poetry neutral good
Forseti god of justice and law neutral
Frey god of fertility and the sun neutral good
Freya goddess of fertility and love neutral good
Frigga goddess of birth and fertility neutral
Heimdall god of watchfulness and loyalty lawful good
Hel goddess of the underworld neutral evil
Hermod god of luck chaotic neutral
Loki god of thieves and trickery chaotic evil
Njord god of sea and wind neutral good
Odin god of knowledge and war neutral good
Odur god of light and the sun chaotic good
Sif goddess of war chaotic good
Skadi god of earth and mountains neutral
Surtur god of fire giants and war lawful evil
Thor god of storms and thunder chaotic good
Thrym god of frost giants and cold chaotic evil
Tyr god of courage and strategy lawful neutral
Uller god of hunting and winter chaotic neutral

Where the land plummets from the snowy hills into the icy fjords below, where the longboats draw up on to the beach, where the glaciers flow forward and retreat with every fall and spring—this is the land of the Vikings, the home of the Norse pantheon. It’s a brutal clime, and one that calls for brutal living. The warriors of the land have had to adapt to the harsh conditions in order to survive, but they haven’t been too twisted by the needs of their environment. Given the necessity of raiding for food and wealth, it’s surprising the mortals turned out as well as they did. Their powers reflect the need these warriors had for strong leadership and decisive action. Thus, they see their deities in every bend of a river, hear them in the crash of the thunder and the booming of the glaciers, and smell them in the smoke of a burning longhouse.

The Norse pantheon includes two main families, the Aesir (deities of war and destiny) and the Vanir (gods of fertility and prosperity). Once enemies, these two families are now closely allied against their common enemies, the giants (including the gods Surtur and Thrym).