fragments of the luminous word (Third-Party)

Source: EN World EN5IDER, “Sinister Spellbooks”
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Category: Wondrous (spellbook)

Rarity: legendary

Attunement: Yes, by one or more spellcasters

These ancient orichalcum tablets allow up to three spellcasters to attune to them simultaneously. Each attuned spellcaster treats the fragments as one item that they have attuned. Attuned spellcasters may prepare one additional spell of up to their highest spell level available, though that spell must deal fire or radiant damage and be chosen from the collective spell lists of currently attuned spellcasters. You do not need to remain in possession of one of the fragments to remain attuned to it, but you must examine at least one fragment briefly as part of any long rest that you take, or your attunement ends.

When you cast a spell that deals fire or radiant damage, you may expend one Hit Die to add it to the spell attack roll or the damage dealt.

Additionally, when an aberration makes a saving throw against a spell or effect you cast, it does so with disadvantage.

You also gain resistance to cold damage.


These orichalcum tablets describe the council of the creator deities as they ignited the sun and stars, driving back the chaos and darkness of the aberrations. They burned their words of power into orichalcum to preserve them, but the tablets were broken when the gods clashed over the fate of the world. Dispersed across the world, the planes, and perhaps even the Multiverse, there are an unclear number of tablets (or groups of tablets) depending on the mystical tradition you ask: four, ten, twenty-four, and many other numbers have been proposed. When all of the fragments of the luminous word are gathered once again, mortals can use them to compel even the gods to war, to peace, or to make the world anew.

One coffer of fragments of the luminous word has fallen into the hands of a holy order of clerics and paladins. They believe that the sins of the world are beyond mending, but their god has not given them enough power to punish all of the wicked. They seek to gather all of the fragments so that they can force the gods to mete out justice as they see it. The sin of hubris, however, is quite lost on them.

No force in the cosmos, however, seeks the tablets as ruthlessly as the Horrors from Beyond the Stars, the forces that command the aberrations on the Material Plane.