fiendish prophecies (Third-Party)

Source: EN World EN5IDER, “Sinister Spellbooks”
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Category: Wondrous (spellbook)

Rarity: legendary

Attunement: Yes, by a spellcaster who can speak Abyssal

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Bound in a scroll case of glyph-protected silver, this manuscript holds the secrets to summoning and destroying demons. It holds the spells banishment, dispel evil and good, gate, planar ally, planar binding, and plane shift. You may cast any of these spells that are on your spell list as if you know them. Once per day, you may treat up to one spell from this list as if it is on your class spell list; once chosen, you may not change that spell until one week has passed.

Once during any long rest, on a successful DC 15 Intelligence (Arcana) check, you can learn the name of a powerful demon, suitable for use with planar ally. The DC increases by 2 for each name you have previously gained in this way. On a failed Intelligence (Arcana) check, you do not recover hit points, Hit Dice, or expended spell slots from that long rest.

You gain advantage on melee spell attacks when casting dispel evil and good or plane shift to banish a demon.

Whenever you deal damage to a demon while holding this scroll open in one hand, you may reroll all dice that result in a 1 or 2. You must keep the new result.

A wizard may copy a spell out of the book if it is normally on his or her spell list; other characters may only copy rituals that they are able to cast.


A demon heard a prophecy uttered by an oracle concerning the destruction of the mightiest demons of the Abyss. Hoping to warn her fiendish masters, she transcribed the prophecy upon an ancient scroll and prepared to return to the Abyss. Before she could depart, however, she was imprisoned by the oracle’s guardians and the scroll was seized from her. The demon, sealed atop the oracle’s now-abandoned mountain, now speaks to heroes in their dreams to lure them to her prison. The demon longs not only to be free, but to find the lost prophecies before the celestial powers and the fiendish lords who seek it.