Source: System Reference Document 5.0
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Group: Standard

Typical Speakers: Humans

Script: Common

Spoken By: Belsamaug, Bugbear, Dananshee, Imp, Doppelganger, Dragon, Chromatic, Black, Adult, Dragon, Chromatic, Black, Ancient, Young Black Dragon, Dragon, Chromatic, Blue, Adult, Dragon, Chromatic, Blue, Ancient, Dragon, Chromatic, Blue, Young, Dragon, Chromatic, Green, Adult, Dragon, Chromatic, Green, Ancient, Dragon, Chromatic, Green, Young, Dragon, Chromatic, Red, Adult, Dragon, Chromatic, Red, Ancient, Dragon, Chromatic, Red, Young, Dragon, Chromatic, White, Adult, Dragon, Chromatic, White, Ancient, Dragon, Chromatic, White, Young, Dragon, Metallic, Brass, Adult, Dragon, Metallic, Brass, Ancient, Dragon, Metallic, Brass, Young, Dragon, Metallic, Bronze, Adult, Dragon, Metallic, Bronze, Ancient, Dragon, Metallic, Bronze, Young, Dragon, Metallic, Copper, Adult, Dragon, Metallic, Copper, Ancient, Dragon, Metallic, Copper, Young, Dragon, Metallic, Gold, Adult, Dragon, Metallic, Gold, Ancient, Dragon, Metallic, Gold, Young, Dragon, Metallic, Silver, Adult, Dragon, Metallic, Silver, Ancient, Dragon, Metallic, Silver, Young, Ghoul, Ghast, Ghoul, Giant, Cloud, Giant, Storm, Goblin, Spider-Eye, Matriarch, Goblin, Hag, Green, Hag, Night, Hag, Sea, Half-Dragon, Half-Red Dragon Veteran, Harpy, Hobgoblin, Kobold, Lamia, Lich, Manticore, Medusa, Merfolk, Naga, Guardian, Naga, Spirit, Necromancer, Human, Ogre, Oni, Orc, Rakshasa, Satyr, Androsphinx, Sphinx, Gynosphinx, Sprite, Succubus/Incubus, Treant, Winter Wolf