crimson wasting (Third-Party)

Source: EN World EN5IDER, “Sinister Spellbooks”
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The crimson wasting is a disease carried by vampires who were diseased when they were converted. The disease is communicated through blood; whenever an infected vampire, vampire spawn, or zombie deals damage to a creature below half its maximum hit points, it must make a DC 13 Constitution saving throw or contract the crimson wasting.

The disease’s symptoms manifest after 1d6 hours and include the withering of flesh around the mouth and hands, bleeding from the gums, and blood-flecked vomiting. The infected creature suffers one level of exhaustion, its maximum hit points decrease by 2d6, and it gains vulnerability to radiant damage.

At the end of each long rest, an infected creature receives a new saving throw against the same DC. On a failed save, the creature gains another level of exhaustion and its maximum hit points decrease by an additional 2d6. On a successful saving throw, it recovers one level of exhaustion and its maximum hit points increase by 2d6, up to a limit of its normal maximum hit points. Once the creature’s exhaustion is reduced to 0 and its maximum hit points are restored to normal, it recovers from the crimson wasting. If it reaches six levels of exhaustion or a maximum hit point total of 0, it dies and rises 24 hours later as an infected vampire spawn.