Source: System Reference Document 5.0
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Fantasy-Historical Pantheons

Celtic deities Portfolio Alignment
Arawn god of life and death neutral evil
Belenus god of sun, light, and warmth neutral good
Brigantia goddess of rivers and livestock neutral good
Diancecht god of medicine and healing lawful good
Dunatis god of mountains and peaks neutral
Goibhniu god of smiths and healing neutral good
Lugh god of arts, travel, and commerce chaotic neutral
Manannan mac Lir god of oceans and sea creatures lawful neutral
Math Mathonwy god of magic neutral evil
Morrigan goddess of battle chaotic evil
Nuada god of war and warriors neutral
Oghma god of speech and writing neutral good
Silvanus god of nature and forests neutral
The Daghdha god of weather and crops chaotic good
Egyptian deities Portfolio Alignment
Anubis god of judgment and death lawful neutral
Apep god of evil, fire, and serpents neutral evil
Bast goddess of cats and vengeance chaotic good
Bes god of luck and music chaotic neutral
Hathor goddess of love, music, and motherhood neutral good
Imhotep god of crafts and medicine neutral good
Isis goddess of fertility and magic neutral good
Nephthys goddess of death and grief chaotic good
Osiris god of nature and the underworld lawful good
Ptah god of crafts, knowledge, and secrets lawful neutral
Re-Horakhty god of the sun, ruler of the gods lawful good
Set god of darkness and desert storms chaotic evil
Sobek god of water and crocodiles lawful evil
Thoth god of knowledge and wisdom neutral
Greek deities Portfolio Alignment
Aphrodite goddess of love and beauty chaotic good
Apollo god of light, music, and healing chaotic good
Ares god of war and strife chaotic evil
Artemis goddess of hunting and childbirth neutral good
Athena goddess of wisdom and civilization lawful good
Demeter goddess of agriculture neutral good
Dionysus god of mirth and wine chaotic neutral
Hades god of the underworld lawful evil
Hecate goddess of magic and the moon chaotic evil
Hephaestus god of smithing and craft neutral good
Hera goddess of marriage and intrigue chaotic neutral
Hercules god of strength and adventure chaotic good
Hermes god of travel and commerce chaotic good
Hestia goddess of home and family neutral good
Nike goddess of victory lawful neutral
Pan god of nature chaotic neutral
Poseidon god of the sea and earthquakes chaotic neutral
Tyche goddess of good fortune neutral
Zeus god of the sky, ruler of the gods neutral
Norse deities Portfolio Alignment
Aegir god of the sea and storms neutral evil
Balder god of beauty and poetry neutral good
Forseti god of justice and law neutral
Frey god of fertility and the sun neutral good
Freya goddess of fertility and love neutral good
Frigga goddess of birth and fertility neutral
Heimdall god of watchfulness and loyalty lawful good
Hel goddess of the underworld neutral evil
Hermod god of luck chaotic neutral
Loki god of thieves and trickery chaotic evil
Njord god of sea and wind neutral good
Odin god of knowledge and war neutral good
Odur god of light and the sun chaotic good
Sif goddess of war chaotic good
Skadi god of earth and mountains neutral
Surtur god of fire giants and war lawful evil
Thor god of storms and thunder chaotic good
Thrym god of frost giants and cold chaotic evil
Tyr god of courage and strategy lawful neutral
Uller god of hunting and winter chaotic neutral